"Little Mouse, Sister Mouse
A Great Lunch"
By Barbara Tate
ISBN - 978-1-62510-191-4


"Little Mouse, Sister Mouse A Great Lunch" - by Barbara Tate
Little Mouse, Sister Mouse help children relate to Jesus through the eyes of two little mice. The mice are sister and brother that have fun doing special things together, and secretly watching Jesus perform miracles like feeding the thousands with two fish and five loaves of bread. They even sneak in to get a little for themselves! Barbara Billings-Tate has been serving and educating children her entire life. God’s calling for Barbara is to serve all children, from her four children, eleven grandchildren, two grandsons and all her students that eventually become her children. She has served on the mission field in Mexico, Guinea, West Africa, and at an American Indian Christian School in Show Low, Arizona. She now lives in Manhattan, Kansas, serving children through her writing and a local childcare center. Her message to each child that she meets or reads her books is: God loves you and you are special!
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